A Guide to the Bishop Park Farmers Market

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May 13, 2012 by speckledroman

Sundance Family Farm

My one complaint about the Bishop Park farmers market is that it isn’t open everyday. The location is just perfect for a leisurely Saturday morning, set next to the tennis courts in the 33-acre Athens-Clarke county park. With over 30 vendors, half of which are growers, how do you visit everyone? It ain’t gonna happen in one trip, but that’s the beauty. Each stop can be like visiting a new market.

There are the staples, a premium cup of pour-over coffee from 1000 faces, strategically located at the entrance. A bag of fresh Tagliatelle from Antonio’s Fresh Pasta. A beautiful boquet of flowers from Veribest Farm if you make it early enough.  Gift shopping? Check out all the wonderful handmade craft vendors and find the perfect one and only.

Veribest Farm

And then there are the growers. Honestly, you could blindly walk up to any grower table, with an outstretched hand and you’d probably be pleased with the first thing you bump into.  Something I couldn’t say about any grocery store.

The vendors at Bishop Park are held to high standards: all crafts are handmade and all growers must meet CNG standards. The modest 500 sq ft set leaves every booth coveted.

With an average 1,500 people visiting each weekend, it’s always a surprisingly calm and enjoyable experience. I’m so looking forward to summer, for the college crowd to empty out this college town and for the market crowds to pick up.

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