April 29, 2012 by speckledroman

It’s berry season, and pick-your-own farms are opening their gates nationwide. So grab your kids, grab your wife and head on over to the nearest berry patch. Never been picking? Here are some pointers to make your trip a success.

Sun Protection: Even on a cloudy day, UV beams can be very damaging. A wide brim hat is great for protecting your face and ears. Don’t forget to lather up. Look for a sun protectant with a physical blocking agent, like zinc or titanium oxide, which work best for keeping rays at bay. Usually sunblocks made for kids include this.

Keep hydrated: Bring a canteen or a camel-back of water for hands free drinking.

Dress the part: Breathable materials like cotton or sweat wicking specialties are best for keeping you cool and comfortable. Good shoes are a must for tromping through the fields.

Bring your berries home plan: Usually farms will provide you with baskets while you pick but you need to provide a way to get them home. Pack a cooler with ice to get your prizes home in the best condition. If the farm is close by, bring some paper or reusable grocery bags. As a general rule, don’t put more than 1 gallon in each bag as overloading could damage the delicacies.

Early risers: Berries are best picked in the morning while they’re still cool.

Cash money y’all: Pick-your-own operations are usually relatively small so make sure you have enough green in your wallet before leaving the house.

Talk to your farmer: Different farms have different rules. Always ask before loading up with your furry friends. Unfortunately goolemaps and GPSs aren’t always right so make sure to check directions before heading out.

Berry Picking Calender

May-June Strawberries
June-August Blueberries and Blackberries
July-September Raspberries

Pick-your-own farms in the Athens area and 2012 price/gal:

Buffalo Creek Berry Farm: Organic (not certified but no spraying)

Strawberries ($10), Blueberries, Blackberries, Raspberries

Washington Farms: Conventional

Strawberries ($10), Blueberries ($12), Blackberries ($10)

One thought on “Pick-your-own

  1. What a great post! Great photo, too.

    Strawberry season is ending in Tampa 😦 but now there’s blueberries abound! I keep telling people about my first strawberry picking experience a few weeks back. I’m not sure what I had before should even be called strawberries.

    There’s nothing like a fresh picked berry. Enjoy!

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