Jaemor Farms

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April 1, 2012 by speckledroman

It was one of those absurdly beautiful country days. Spring has made it to north Georgia and it just makes you want to head to the mountains. Most highways are lined with fast food chains but if you’re lucky enough to be driving on Hwy 365 you can stop in for a fresh snack.

At the 35th mile marker, you’ll find Jaemor Farms. This market specializes in fresh produce and traditional southern canned and baked goods. The 250 acre farm supplies the year-round market with fresh seasonal produce but when the consumers demand things like pineapples or eggplants in January, they outsource. The canned items are supplemented with other produce too.

The baked goods are the real highlight. In the back there’s a case of fried pies, in half moon shapes like an empanada. Flavors from cherry, dried peach, to sweet potato and pecan entice customers to sit down and relax a little. The handmade cakes are equally dangerous. Ladies from the area supply the market with 3 layered german chocolate cakes, key lime pound cakes and more.

Jaemor market is one of those places you don’t take a shopping list. You show up, see what looks freshest and go for it. I walked out with some red jalapeno hot sauce, a tub of Georgia churned butter, sorghum syrup and a pecan fried pie in my belly.

If you’re driving by the market it’s a great place to get out and stretch your legs. Definitely make a stop in the summer when the shelves are stocked with fresh farm produce. Go for one of those giant peach baskets and you won’t be sorry. Here are a few of my favorite ways to eat them: a sweet one and an unexpected savory one. Enjoy!

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